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Zscaler Troubleshooting


Zscaler Troubleshooting

Latest Version:
Released on March 14, 2023

This content can be installed directly from the in-product library in your Nexthink Infinity platform. For details on how to access the in-product library click here.



Zscaler is one of the most recognized cloud security providers, securing millions of employees' access to their applications from their devices. However, Zscaler has a tendency to silently disconnect or deauthenticate without the user's knowledge.It is now extremely common for employees to suddenly lose access to their key business applications without them understanding why. In turn, support teams incessantly face urgent L1 tickets that waste both IT and the employees' time.


Ensure Zscaler is running and connected on all devices in the landscape by monitoring your employees' Zscaler Client Connector connectivity, performance, and ability to authenticate.With real-time visibility into their current status, you can proactively repair, start, and request authentication of Zscaler Client Connectors and drastically reduce incoming Zscaler-related tickets.

Key Features:

  • Real-time visibility into Zscaler installations, performance, connectivity, and errors.
  • Dedicated dashboard to monitor connection failures and network traffic.
  • Detailed breakdown of Zscaler Internet Access and Zscaler Private Access service errors preventing successful authentication.
  • Remote Actions to remotely monitor and start the Zscaler service and force users to authenticate



  • - 14 Mar 2023 - Updating description
  • - Initial release




V2023.1 and later