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Getting started – Landscape Inventory


Getting started – Landscape Inventory

Latest Version:
Released on March 20, 2023

This content can be installed directly from the in-product library in your Nexthink Infinity platform. For details on how to access the in-product library click here.



IT teams in large organizations must manage thousands of devices - and all of their applications and services - in their landscape. Visibility quickly becomes an issue, and devices that do not report back to the server get left behind by vital IT services, leading to serious performance and compliance issues.


Gain a single source of truth about every endpoint in your IT landscape with dedicated dashboards monitoring hardware, OS, binaries, and network traffic to stay on top of any abnormal changes in your landscape inventory.

Get Started!

This pack offers a Live Dashboard with a wide range of different metrics, graphs, and KPIs across different tabs to measure key data points. You're welcome to copy or edit this content to familiarize yourself with creating and editing your own dashboards.

Key Features:

  • General statistics of the makeup of the endpoint inventory across chosen time ranges.
  • Detailed dashboards drilling down into hardware, OS, and binary inventory.
  • Real-time visibility into endpoint security applications and OS versioning status.
  • Monitoring of incoming/outgoing network traffic.
  • Dynamic filters to drill down into location, device type, and platform.


  • - 20 Mar 2023 - Initial release


Windows and macOS


V2022.8 and later