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IT Initiatives

Windows 10

Delivering an employee-centric Windows lifecycle


Performing a successful migration is no easy feat.  IT not only has to coordinate the mass deployment of thousands of devices and their users, but also stay on top of Windows’ continuous updates to keep all devices secure and employees satisfied. With Nexthink, IT gains actionable visibility by combining both technical metrics and employee sentiment feedback on a centralized platform with full control over the Windows 10 lifecycle.


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Migrate with confidence Streamline your deployment strategy

Analyze your current IT landscape to ensure pre-deployment readiness and enable your IT team to streamline the migration of any device, regardless of location. Monitor the rollout of Windows 10 and resolve any incidents detected along the way, all while engaging with employees to increase adoption and satisfaction.

Enhance your deployment agility Stay on top of Windows as a Service’s continuous updates

Set-up deployment rings to validate each update rollout and monitor device versioning to reduce the risk of performance degradation during new releases. At any time, IT can engage with employees to understand their experiences, as well as resolve any technical or satisfaction issues.

Maintain a desired state of compliance Detect and remediate issues in real time to prevent DEX degradation

Monitor the Windows ecosystem in real time to proactively detect security or performance issues and drill down into granular device or user details to diagnose their root cause. Identified problems can then be fixed remotely or automatically directly on your employees’ devices.

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