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Skype for Business

Overcome collaboration hurdles with a seamless employee communication experience


Skype for Business, the most commonly used organizational communication software, regularly requires troubleshooting and remediation in large enterprise infrastructures. With Nexthink, IT teams gain real-time visibility over Skype for Business, enabling them to easily diagnose issues and practically manage this powerful communication tool.

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Complete Visibility See firsthand what your employees are experiencing

Monitor user activity and service quality (audio, video, screen-sharing…etc.) in real-time so you can better understand your users’ Skype experience. This data can then be accessed though a range of targeted dashboards and metrics to not only discover technical issues, but also track employees’ usage and satisfaction.

Lightspeed Diagnostics Diagnose and resolve issues in half the time.

View both high-level metrics and granular details on device and user data. Detect technical problems at their root level and resolve them in a matter of seconds. IT can also compare the impact of different network mediums on service performance and analyze device and user activity data to contextualize your Skype quality.

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